Thursday, July 23, 2009


Why was I born in America?

Why was I born white? Why was I born Christian, and not Muslim?

What if I was born in a different place, of a different color? Would my loved ones hate me? Would they think me damned?

Why are the things I believe considered to be holy, and the things you believe, blasphemy?

How can I possibly judge my neighbor who follows his tribe, when I follow my own tribe?

When my days are over, will friends say I was one who disputed my teachers, or one who obeyed them?

Had I been born 10,000 miles away, would I still be who I am? Would I be sacred, or profane?

Why are divine voices imparted by feeble men? Why should they be trusted? Is the divine voice meek? Why are we so quick to believe our masters?

Am I wealthy, or am I poor?

Why do we believe what we are taught about eternity? Isn't it all speculation, passed down from the dead to the dead?

If, when we die, everything fades to black, what do we care? We have no memory before birth; why should we care of life after death? Because a man of our tribe, now dead, once told us so?

Is the world still ruled by those resting in graveyards?

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Red said...

Why can we only feel empathy if we ourselves have suffered like those we observe? Is this truly empathy?