Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rome: Public Displays of Affection

You just don't see this in Salt Lake City... something about Rome brings out the passion in everyone.

Scooter passion.

Baltic passion.

Subdued passion.


johnNokc said...

Two comments: (1) The last photo looks straight out of a DeBeers commercial. How lovely. (2) Public displays of affection in Rome always looked to me to be "in the moment," i.e., quietly in love. Here, however, when I've seen two people displaying affection I've often been sorely tempted to go up and say, "Get a room." Guess I have indeed become a curmudgeon.

David Grizzard said...

I just wonder how the situation with the scooter couple ended... did they suddenly just say to each other, "OK, we stop now."