Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Beautiful Garage Mahal

Mini Mansion architecture keeps getting better!

Here's a lovely spread in Indiana. The design concept was "big," but to keep costs down, builders decided to brick only the front of the house. Why spend extra money bricking the sides? Let's just leave that a bright white aluminum siding! Your friends won't really notice!

The cost-cutting arctic white garage doors work fabulously with the red brick, no? You've got to park those 3 SUV's somewhere!

(In reality, the garage is actually full of Chinese-manufactured junk the kids don't play with anymore. And maybe an old refrigerator filled with Cokes.)

Despite a century of progress in Prairie architecture from guys like Frank Lloyd Wright, this sexy number takes its cues from Beacon Hill, circa 1776. With a big garage, of course. Thomas Paine would be proud!

I hope the buyers didn't sign an adjustable rate mortgage for this humble piece of architectural poetry...

That tree out front should be at least 10 feet tall by 2020!


Anonymous said...

You had me at Garage Mahal

Jeffery R. Thyer said...

Hey David, nice blog. John W mentioned the other day you had one so I looked you up. I hope you are doing well. Stop by my blog anytime.